Greens “Greens” (Five Kill Records, 2019)

Green’s self-titled debut EP falls right into the alt-country category with strong rock and electronic influences throughout the five tracks. Clearly influenced by the early ’70s folk on songs like ‘Virgo’ the same era’s rock sound play heavily into the others like ‘Bigger’. ‘Virgo’ is the closest out of the five tracks to an Americana-folk piece, a self-reflective number filled with familiar tropes: lap steel guitar, acoustic riffs and drums and backing vocals – it all makes for an enjoyable folk song.

Second single ‘Bigger’ is one of the most memorable tracks on the EP. It has so much to unpack in it musically, without even taking the lyrics into consideration. The start of the song feels like a country ballad but ends with a synthesiser, while there’s a mix of jazz, electronica and rock influencing the middle of the song. The mesh of sounds are layered on top of each other at the same time. It’s a lot to take in.

If you are an Americana or country listener that still wants to broaden your horizons give it a listen cover to cover – you might find something to enjoy. If you like music that sticks firmly within the Americana bubble this is probably not an album for you.

A mix of eletronic, folk rock and jazz on Greens EP

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