Gregory Dwane “3000 Miles To LA” – going down the road feeling bad

Photo: - Ron ‘Devon’ Gottstein

Gregory Dwane has done most things in music –  recording engineer to songwriter, producer, and fine art painter, not to mention being the tech support for the likes of Alanis Morrisette and Macy Gray on world tours.  He’s stuck to his ambitions though and  released a debut album a couple of years back which we thought was pretty good.  Well, he’s back with a follow up ‘Nostalgia For Nothing‘ which is released on November 17th.

This, the third single from the new album, is more than just a travelogue – it’s also a metaphor for the emotional journey, or journeys, that Dwane has been on through personal battles and the highs and yes even the lows of life, as he ironically sings “Bang my head against the wall again, and again / Hoping it’s going to hurt you this time / waging a war that no-one wins.”  There’s redemption though – as he “head[s] out to the coast to dry out for a while” and has a moment of clarity “new sky new friends and same old mess / maybe it’s me and not the address.”  All set to a roots-rock accompaniment that’ll conjure up thoughts of…well Petty, Mellencamp, that sort of vibe.  And that’s a good vibe.

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