Grey DeLisle to release second new album of 2024

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Following the release of ‘She’s An Angel’ in January, Grey DeLisle has announced the release of her second album of 2024, ‘Driftless Girl’.  It is due to be issued in Europe on 31st May 2024 via Hummin’bird Records. The album is one of several created by DeLisle during the period when the pandemic ground the arts world to a halt. This one circles back to her journey out of childhood to become a performer inspired by her mother, grandmother and musical heroes.

album art for Grey DeLisle Driftless Girl‘Driftless Girl’ is produced by the multi-talented Jolie Holland, with whom DeLisle connected via social media over the Covid period. Holland brought in Buck Meek (Big Thief) with whom she had worked as co-writer and performer on their respective 2023 releases.  She also involved  Nikki Grossman (The Sapsuckers) and guitarist and mixing engineer Adam Brisbin.

Eight of the eleven tracks are DeLisle originals.  Holland and Meek contribute a co-write ‘Where You’re Coming From’, DeLisle’s ex, Murry Hammond (Old 97s) brings his ‘My Two Feet’ and the album closer is a cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Down From Dover’.

DeLisle is also – maybe primarily – an actor, comedian, visual artist, and autoharpist, who has become one of the most successful and prolific voice actors in Hollywood. It’s said that at least one of her cartoon or video game voices is recognisable to anyone who has ever watched a cartoon or played a video game.

She has three more upcoming album projects in the works with various producers including Andy Paley (Jerry Lee Lewis, Brian Wilson), Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice, Counting Crows) and a project with John Carter Cash scheduled to record later this year at The Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, TN.

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