Hammertowne “I’ll Blame It On The Rain” – beating on the window like a memory…

It’s the metrological effect that gets more than it’s fair share of criticism – for every ‘Pennies from Heaven‘ there are a dozen or more ‘Stormy Weather’s.  Bluegrass band Hammertowne at least admit that they’re blaming the rain for something actually caused by heartache and loss.  They may say it’s the rain hitting the roof that’s keeping sleep at bay, but in reality “it’s another sleepless night here in the boondocks” because “her memory’s a driving me insane.”  Girl trouble.  Not the rain at all.

Hammertowne hail from the hills of Eastern Kentucky, and they write and perform the vast majority of their own songs, with a garnishment of traditional favourites mixed in along the way. Individually, they have paid ample dues with decades of experience playing along side some of the biggest and most respected names in the business such as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Dave Evans & Riverbend, Ernie Thacker & Route 23, Del McCoury, and The James King Band, to name a few.  ‘I’ll Blame it on the Rain‘ features Dave Carroll (Guitar), Chaston Carroll (Mandolin/Harmony Vocal), Bryan Russell (Lead Vocal, Bass), and Dale Thomas (Banjo).


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