Hannah White “Chain Of Ours” – Listen

It’s been a good year for Hannah White, who won the song of the year award from the Americana Music Association UK back in January.  She returns today with a new song from her latest album that she was already working on at that time –  it’s called ‘Sweet Revolution‘  and it was made alongside a special group of collaborators including husband and guitarist Keiron Marshall and producer Michele Stodart of the Magic Numbers. Following a summer of festival appearances the album is being readied for release in November, but this lead-off single is available right now.

Hannah White told Americana UK that ‘Chain of Ours’ is “A song about being a woman – when doors keep closing before me. In every area of my life facing the assumption that I am not quite up to it because of my gender – and also fighting my own instinct to cower down and go quietly rather than speak loudly and insist on being heard. Everything takes me longer and feels harder and the lyrics (the cold on a moonlit night, the shadow of a bird in flight etc) refer to the forces people don’t see; or maybe they see them but don’t want to talk about them.”

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Alan Peatfield

Great track! Looking forward to the album on the strength of this.