Haroula Rose “You Should Probably Leave” – but you probably won’t

Photo: Logan Fahey

Haroula Rose has taken Chris Stapleton’s country -rock song and stripped it down to the bare essentials – vocal and a slow and steady piano accompaniment.  No frills – and it’s that simplicity of purpose that draws the listener in.  It’s a song of willing self-deception which can be paraphrased as – “it’s late, we’ve had a nice time but, umm, shouldn’t you be going?  I mean finish your drink and….“.  And then, well, one thing leads to another and suddenly there’s the hope that they won’t have to rush off too early the next morning.  So a mixture of caution, anticipation and fear of having overcommitted, of having read more into a situation than might be there.  Or might it?  Grief, this is complicated!

You Should Probably Leave‘ is taken from Haroula Rose’s third album ‘Catch The Light‘, which features one other cover song and seven of the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter’s own compositions.  Rose, who is also a filmaker, says of the album “I wanted to make a record that was sparse — just guitars, pianos and vocals, basically. I consider this album as a reflection of going inward, and sharing parts of my life in that way. The metaphor for the title, Catch the Light, has both to do with cinema — as well as seeing the light inside of us that illuminates in darkness.

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