Ida Mae “Road To Avalon” – Listen

It’s, if anything, the road back home for Ida Mae, as Ida Mae explained: “We wanted this song and production to be a cinematic, slow pan across a vignette of the towns and cities we’ve travelled through that felt lost and forgotten. Travelling constantly as we have on our own across the US it’s easy to romanticise ourselves as modern-day wayfaring strangers. It’s an unusual feeling, by chance witnessing moments of people’s everyday lives that seem to take on a deeper meaning and resonance for you by being there to see them. You feel very present and very privileged. Clashing a 1900s American gut string ukulele banjo with modern synthesizers, Casio keyboards, thumb piano and Beatles-esque Mellotron organ was intentional to try and create a kind of sparse transatlantic dreamstate. We chose Avalon because it’s rich in “Celtic mythology, an earthly paradise in the western skies, a pretty grandiose metaphor for searching or escaping to a place or situation that’s better than where you are.”

Road to Avalon‘ was originally going to be the title track of the new Ida Mae album, which is now going to be called ‘Click Click Domino.’  It was recorded during lockdown in Ida Mae’s new hometown Nashville.

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