Izzy Heltai “Songbird” – Listen

Izzy Heltai will release his debut album ‘Father‘ on October 9th, and this is the second single getting an advance release from it.  ‘Songbird‘ is a questioning song – to stay or to go, does it make a difference?  Would anyone notice either way?  Is one person more involved in this relationship than the other ?  Is there even a relationship?

‘Songbird’ came into the world in an unusual way, after Izzy Heltai had an experience which gifted him both a song and an anecdote, but he tells it best.  “I was in Pittsburgh one night in early June. At this point, I’d been touring for about a month and a half and was pretty drained. As a rule of thumb, many of us road trippers, car campers, or just plain ole’ masochists know that it’s Walmart’s common practice to allow overnight parking for the purposes of a good night’s rest. This was the night I learned it’s apparently not a nationwide policy.”   To the extent, in fact, that Izzy got kicked out of the parking lot by a security guard – but when he found another parking spot it turned out to all be for the best as he woke up with this song in his head.

Photo: Joanna Chattman

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[…] Singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai lived in Boston with his mom and celebrated coming out as a Trans artist with his debut album ‘Father‘ this Autumn. Channelling the 60 folk rock his parents played him, Heltai has called this album his “Bon Iver phase”. This artist, who is genuinely connected to people and places, is an obvious one to watch. Read our review of the single ‘Songbird‘ here. […]