Jason Isbell is the Twitter big hitter against right wing trolls

RS Country has a nice piece in it today about Jason Isbell’s excellent track record with combating Trump supporting Twitter combatants which, let’s face it, would be a drain on anyone. They describe how almost a decade on from first joining the social-media service in March 2009, he has evolved into a blackbelt of the platform, “spending much of his downtime perfecting a delicate balance between music talk, irreverent fun and serious discourse. 

Although Isbell is a rare artist moving units in the streaming age — his latest, 2017’s The Nashville Sound, has sold 145,900 copies as of last month — interest in his musical exploits isn’t the only explanation for his 226,000 followers. To know the Alabama-born singer-songwriter is to understand he is many things: a father and husband, Southerner, recovering addict, sneaker nerd, and baseball diehard with a future in stand-up comedy in the unlikely event his music career fizzles out. On Twitter, he has the head-on-a-swivel awareness and empathy of an experienced middle-school teacher, working to wrangle and engage with his tweet-happy base, whichever side of the artist and his work speaks the loudest to them.

You can read the whole article over at RS Country here.

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