Jay Pollmann “One Day Older None the Wiser”

Independent, 2021

Footstomping, bluesy goodness from South Ontario.

Artwork for Jay Pollmann album"One Day Older None the WiserNeil Young sung of a town in North Ontario, Jay Pollman, hailing from the steel town of Hamilton in South Ontario could well do the same with minor geographic alterations. Inspired by travelling across Eastern Canada with his young family, with his new album, Pollman has created a rootsy, bluesy collection of reflections and impressions from his travels.

Stand out ingredients for the sonic landscape of these songs comprise of some lovely pedal steel, Aaron Goldstein, mellifluous backing vocals, Carleigh Aikins and some great work on keys, Jesse O’Brien, oh and don’t forget the harmonica, thank you Steve Marriner; definitely a highlight on, ‘Rest Our Bones’. Be it via tasty organ solos, catchy rhythms, lead guitar licks or just the foot-stomping beat prevalent in several numbers, there are hooks aplenty here to encourage repeat visits.

Pollmann’s lyrics are reflective and impressionistic in tone, ‘Can’t Unwrite a Song’ having the beguiling line, “I’ve been crying all day long/ Like a Tom Petty song”. His songs such as, ‘The Northumberland Straight’ speak of wandering and the wide-open spaces of his native Canada whilst songs like, ‘Low and Behold’ speak of a period of transition where uncertainty manifests itself. The energy generated from Pollmann and his fellow musicians feels positive and uplifting as expounded by the soaring lead guitar, vocal harmonies and bluesy beat of many of the tracks.

A tasteful mixture then, of inspiring melodies, harmonies and down-home goodness that revives your faith in what a solace heartfelt music can be; thank you, Jay.


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