Jeff Hulett “Spin Your Wheels” – don’t waste your time on me, I’m just fine

Speaking of Jeff Hulett’s latest two song-single Mark Whitfield (acclaimed award winning editor of Americana UK) has said “I Loved Snowglobe, one of my fave bands I’ve discovered in all the years of AUK – both of these songs are just lovely.”  And you know, he’s darn right (and yes of course the tortuous loyalty bonus scheme means that we are contractually obliged to agree with him, but in fact he is darn right).

Spin Your Wheels (Tongue Tied)‘ is from Hulett’s new single recorded at Sun Studios with his solo band with Jacob Church, Jonathan Schallert, Adam Poor and Lehman Sammons. The rich storytelling of the song is a further cap on a highly productive pandemic career which has seen an album ‘Safe @ Home‘ recorded with Jacob Church early in the pandemic and two solo albums on Small Batch Records, on which Hulett reconnected with old friends Melissa Goodwin and Adam Poor then also forming the band Restless Townies with them. Their first album, ‘Miles Away‘, was released in April 2021, and the trio has a new full length album on the way.  Phew.

And you, what did you do with two years of hometime? Yeah, much the same.

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