Jerry Joseph “The War I Finally Won” – mastering the harp

Once would be a coincidence, but twice?  It seems that Jerry Joseph has been looting the bookshelves for song titles and inspiration – the new album is called ‘Baby, You’re the Man Who Would Be King‘ – that’s a Kipling reference for sure, and today’s song is the title of Kimberly Brubaker Bradley’s young adult novel set in WWII.  Not that this song is at all about that – its theme is a particular kind of perseverance.  Jerry Joseph explains that “When I was writing these songs, I had been on a Springsteen bender and thought to myself, ‘maybe it would be cool to get a bunch of harps and a holder thingy and write folky harmonica songs’. I still can’t wrap my head around breaking my personal life rule of never, ever under any circumstances, buying a harmonica neck holder thing but here it is on ‘The War I Finally Won’.”

Baby, You’re the Man Who Would Be King‘ is out September 29th on Cosmo Sex School Records.   Speaking of the album and it’s pandemic times origins Joseph has said “Considering the whole Covid driveway origins, it’s surreal what we made and I’m just going to call it magic … for which I am exceedingly grateful.”

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