Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay “Gylfinir” – live version

Photo: Scott Hukins

You’d think that the long weekend – and the prospect of another long weekend to come – would have removed the necessity to have a mid-week moment of release from the insanity and pressure of life, and, even more, the tyranny of lyrics.  But, it really isn’t so – as we desperately try and force five days of activity into four days, with the prospect of doing it all again next week.  And that being case then oh for that blessed moment we call The Americana UK Mighty Fine Folk Instrumental Interlude (or the AUKMFFII if you really must).

Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay have released the video for the final single from their second collaborative record, out May 26th on Topic Records. Shot in Sheffield’s Abbeydale Picture House and recorded live, the video displays the wonderful interplay of Ghedi & Hay’s unified talents. The song, serving as the closer to a sublime album, cascades with tenderness and deals with such deftness, the concept of loss & life. Dedicated to a friend, Jim Ghedi explained: “This track was written for the memory of our close friend Keith How, who sadly passed away in the winter of 2021. Keith was an inspiring artist who was working on a project with Toby at the time, where he was drawing and painting Curlews and Toby would correspond with pieces of music towards the selected paintings. This project sadly would not be completed as Keith passed away during the process, we decided on calling the track ‘Gylfinir’ as it’s Welsh for Curlew. Keith was introduced to mid-Wales through Toby and instantly fell in love with the area and its natural beauty & wildlife.

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