Jim Ghedi & Toby Hays “Bright Edge Deep” – blissful guitars

Photo: Scott Hukins

It’s Wednesday afternoon and so it’s more than time for a song without words – in this instalment we have ‘Bright Edge Deep‘ which is a pair of guitars, a six and twelve string, making something distinctively new and inspiring in the realm of British Folk Guitar.  It’s taken from Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay’s second and self-titled album which is out on Topic on 26th of May.  It’s a gloriously live recording –  the duo had originally planned to record an album in 2020 but…so when they finally brought the album to life it was in February 2022 after the duo headed into Giant Wafer Studios, tucked away amongst the farms, rolling hills and silence of rural Mid-Wales. With very little rehearsal time, they recorded the entire album live, over three days with no edits or overdubs.

Bright Edge Deep‘ is the album opener which beguiles and foxes with its shape-shifting elegance.  Ghedi explains that “‘Bright Edge Deep’ was taken from a Seamus Heaney poem ‘Digging’ and was the first track we wrote on this album. The nearly two year break we had from playing together because of the pandemic.”

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