Joanna Sternberg “People Are Toys To You” – manipulation is your game

Photo: Michael Leviton

People Are Toys To You‘ comes from ‘I’ve Got Me‘ the second album by New York City’s Joanna Sternberg which is due out on June 30th on Fat Possum.  Today’s featured song finds them deeply in ironic mode as they list all the mistakes they made – or at least had pointed out to them – in a relationship: “I’m so glad I met you / You helped me see / Just how very much I hate me.”

Speaking of the song Joanna Sternberg explained how it came together and an “ooops…sorry..not really sorry” moment associated with it: “I wrote this song while I was in a rush walking to the subway with my double bass. I was upset about something and the song sort of wrote itself. The funny thing is that Soundcloud Pro’s ‘who is listening’ feature told me the person I wrote this song about listened to it four times when I posted it on Facebook. Oops!

On ‘I’ve Got Me‘ Joanna Sternberg plays and sings everything, the album is their recorded debut as a string arranger and drummer, and ‘People Are Toys To You’ marks Sternberg’s first song credited as electric guitarist.

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