Joe Troop “Hermano Migrante”

Joe Troop releases ‘Hermano Migrante‘, a powerful protest song from his superb forthcoming album, ‘Borrowed Time‘.

Recently nominated for a Grammy with Che Apalache, the string group he fronts, singer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Troop is a man on a radical mission. As the pandemic wiped out a year’s worth of live performances, Troop didn’t even take time to draw breath. Instead, he got out on the roads of the USA’s southern states to help rally progressive voters, using his talents and profile to highlight the stories of those most badly affected by the Trump Administration’s worst cruelties. ‘Hermano Migrante’ (Brother Migrant) is a song of solidarity with undocumented migrant labourers as they continue to experience horrific working conditions across contemporary America.

As an openly gay man growing up playing bluegrass in the South, Troop never felt he had any choice but to stand up for what he believed in, no matter the consequences. He’s had to contend with hostile audiences and threats of violence, and has even experienced being chased off stage for his radical political views. But it’s clear nothing is going to stop Joe Troop from pursuing his mission to support the poor and disenfranchised, and share their stories of injustices and cruel exploitation.

Travel has always been important to Troop but he’s been particularly influenced by the many years he spent living and working in Argentina. His experience of different cultures has not only influenced his music, but it also helped fuel his interest in progressive politics. Although always underpinned by his outstanding singing voice and impressive Bluegrass chops, Troop’s music draws from a broad swathe of South and Central American influences and his bilingualism allows him to write and perform in both English and Spanish, as evidenced on ‘Hermano Migrante‘.

The video is a wonderfully relaxed live performance from a recent session on the GemsOnVhs YouTube Channel, featuring Troop’s stellar vocals along with his banjo, Rolando Revilla on accordion, Nokossee Fields on bass, Tim O’Brien on guitar and Trey Boudreaux on snare drum.

A man of strong convictions, a golden voice and some great tunes. It’s a powerful, powerful mix.

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