Jon Danforth “Sadie Willow Lane” – touching the other side…

Fully sated from a feast of popcorn, scary movies and a bucketful of candy?  What is it with candy?  With our UK hat on we’ve got to say that sounds like butterscotch and peppermints, which, nice as they are, are not that exciting.  But wait…have all the Halloween spirits really departed?  Are there not a few that still linger…what is that face in the mirror?  Are you sure it’s you…and what was that noise – no, that one, the one that’s coming from the attic.  It must be the rats, rats growl….don’t they Father Damien?

Which is by way of saying that Jon Danforth brings us a timely tale in ‘Sadie Willow Lane‘, which presents an eerie scene of a chillingly cold encounter with a ghost in northwest Arkansas. The song explores the idea of having a conversation with someone who has passed on but still lingers in a hotel that has her name on the building. What would you ask her? What would you want to know about the other side?

Of course there must be a reason why the spirit lingers…does it resentfully haunt family members, or is it that there is no heaven above just an eternal restless wandering?  So many questions.

Sadie Willow Lane‘ is the first single from Jon Danforth’s album ‘Beginning and End‘, which is set for release in the Spring of 2022.

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