Josh Birdsong “Simple Geometry” (Independent, 2016)

Josh Birdsong 2016Nashville-based singer/songwriter Josh Birdsong has released his debut EP of five contrasting and certainly interesting songs which seem to comprise a range of influences.  Recorded in Nashville, producer Stephen Leiweke has also stamped his identity on the sound with a smooth and clean sound that allows songs of original structure vital breathing space. Josh Birdsong claims influences as diverse as John Maher, Morrisey and James Taylor alongside the ambient sounds of Tycho. The EP also features the song ‘You and I’ which won the 2015 International Song-writing Competition from over 18 500 entries from around the world. No mean feat but it arguably isn’t even the best song on ‘Simple Geometry’.

There is certainly something distinctive about the song construction on this first offering with the slow-burning, almost hypnotic guitar work of ‘Unspeakable’ flowing beneath Birdsong’s distinctive vocals. This music does not fit easily into any of the contemporary genres and is all the better for that. Innovative it certainly is, reminiscent of early/mid ‘80’s Indie (when the term meant something). Think maybe somewhere in the area of early Orange Juice, but chances are you will hear echoes of a range of sounds, few of which you hear regularly in new music nowadays.

‘Radio Waves’ has a somewhat haunting element to it and demonstrates Birdsong’s potential for bringing an offbeat lyrical approach. ‘Drive’ and ‘Why’ see the use of delays and layered guitar loops lending each a fresh sound.

‘Simple Geometry’ is an impressive debut from an artist that you will certainly want to hear more of.




Innovative debut for Nashville-based artist

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