Julian Taylor “Ballad Of A Young Troubadour” – Listen

When we featured his song ‘The Ridge‘ back in April I think it’s fair to say we were pretty impressed – and here we are again with his latest single ‘Ballad of a Young Troubadour‘ and again it’s impressive.  It’s a song that sees Julian Taylor reflecting on his earliest musical outings at seventeen, and then again with his first band Staggered Crossing.

Clearly an exciting time, finding his way into the world as he sings “not old enough to drink but I always found a way / often stumbling out onto the street, moonshine on my back.”  Each little remembered moment captured in the song has the ring of truth to it, there’s beauty that’s shown with almost a casual throwaway thought.  He’s also backed by a crack band, including Miranda Mulholland on fiddle.

Julian shared this reflection on the song “when I was in high school, I really began to work heavily on my songwriting and my acoustic guitar playing. It was like a religion to me and it still is…My travels took me from Toronto down to New York City and then right across America, travelling west until I hit Seattle, travelling on Greyhound buses and trains. I hitchhiked too, all the while making money busking from place to place. It was one of my most cherished and memorable road trips, and it certainly gave me the itch.

Ballad of a Young Troubadour‘ is taken from Julian Taylor’s upcoming album ‘The Ridge‘, which is due out on Thursday this week.

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