Juni Habel “Chicory” – singular blossoms

Photo: Steven Warbuton

Chicory‘ is the new single from Juni Habel’s new album ‘Carvings‘ (out January 2023) which was recorded in the convert schoolhouse in Norway where she lives with her close-knit family.  To be exact, the album was recorded between the classroom (‘big hall’), the hallway on the 2nd floor, and Habel’s bedroom with simple gear and vocals laid down in a single take.  It makes for a fragile and yet quietly compelling sound.

Juni Habel says of the music she’s made that “It takes courage to do things ‘wrong’ with uncertainty, record lyrics which are strange but feel right, on crappy mics, it can be good to fumble a bit,” Juni says before tellingly, “the joy of playing is quite fragile. I have to protect it. You can’t use your head, you have to be inside the song.

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