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To be honest Kenny Anderson a.k.a. King Creosote must have thought he’d had his “Merry Christmas Everybody” moment with ‘Not One Bit Ashamed‘ – after all there has been barely a day in the last 14 years when this song didn’t deserve an airing.  So which bit of hypocrisy has finally unleashed this anthem of condemnation?  Well, let’s not name any names but it’s linked to someone who once said of the Conservative party “It was them that financially backed me, it’s them that’s protected me, it’s them that’s given me a political home…So why would I knife them in the back?”  Watching the far-right quarrel amongst themselves is always amusing, of course, but wouldn’t it be nicer if they spent more time making things better for someone other than themselves and close associates?  Just a suggestion…

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Harry Scott

I get regular tellings-off from my better half when I express the view that most people in this country are stupid. Then I point out how many of them vote for the “people” who would destroy their lives…