Katherine Priddy “Anyway, Always” – hanging on a telephone

Katherine Priddy has shared ‘Anyways, Always’, the third single from her forthcoming second album ‘The Pendulum Swing, which will be out on February 16 2024 via Cooking Vinyl.  It’s a low-key folk song which perfectly showcases Katherine Priddy’s luscious vocals.  How good is she?  Well, Richard Thompson chose Priddy as ‘The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year’ in Mojo Magazine on the strength of her 2018 ‘Wolf‘ EP.

Speaking about her new single Katherine Priddy has said: “I wanted this song to sound a bit like an answerphone message you might leave for someone you loved once, and maybe still do, but the timing wasn’t right or things got in the way and you’ve drifted apart. There’s no anger or hard-feelings, just a faint nagging feeling that it could have worked if you’d only had more time to try. I really enjoyed layering up the electric guitar on this track and giving a slightly more grungy atmosphere – a refreshing deviation from my usual acoustic fingerpicking.

Katherine Priddy will be going out on tour in May, and has in-store appearances in February.  The dates are all here.

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