Kyle Stephens “Considering Every Change”

Independent, 2022

‘Considering Every Change’ shows that Kyle Stephens made the right decision to return to music.

It was something of a start/stop/start process for Toronto singer-songwriter Kyle Stephens. As is the case with many artists, he picked up an instrument, (in his case a guitar), when he was just a kid. Yet, around his mid-twenties, he came to the conclusion that music was not something for him. “I was going to shows and standing at the back of the room having a beer and being grumpy. And then the second the band was done playing, I didn’t want to hang out with anyone. I wanted to go home. I wasn’t playing in any bands anymore, I stopped writing,”

It seems though that this cleansing process has, in a way, given him a new perspective on music and his involvement in it, coming up with ‘Considering Every Change,’ his debut album. Maybe it was a process of maturing as a person too because he returns to music with a subtle, detailed offering, that along with some melodically layered songs, shows a sense of musical maturity that goes beyond the usual debut album category.

That maturity is expressed both in Stephens’ music and lyrics and it seems that these tunes were slowly brewing within him while he was that ‘grumpy’ musical absentee. Quoting his album title, considering every change, it seems that he made a great decision to return.


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