Video: Leeroy Stagger “More Love Than Money”

AUK favourite Leeroy Stagger’s superb new release sets out a totally winning argument for the value of love over money.

More Love Than Money’ is the third single from Leeroy Stagger’s new album ‘Dystopian Weekends‘ and comes with a totally charming video that will leave you smiling, for sure. Recorded at the famous Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, just as a global pandemic was unfolding outside, the track sparkles with a gentle humour and optimism, and some blisteringly good playing all over it.

It’s impossible to pick out individual instruments or performances for special praise as the whole track is just superb: tight drums and bass, layers and layers of fabulous guitars, searing keyboard playing, some beautifully soulful voices underpinning Stagger’s own superb vocal. It’s really well produced, never sounding too busy but with something new and special coming into the mix to catch the ear on almost every section of the song. It’s just excellent.

‘More Love Than Money’ is about making major life decisions based on happiness and intuition rather than fear,” says Leeroy. “There are plenty of voices that can talk you out of a dream, but if you follow the ones that guide your heart, you realize that anything is possible – even if it means giving something up to start fresh, or at the bottom of something different. It’s about new beginnings and running off of the love of the people that support you.

The video is every bit as fine as the song. Directed by Ali Calladine, the video follows a man on a mission, as he drives around the city soaking up good vibes. The video stars Sean Wilson and he does a great job in the lead role, and it’s worth watching just to see a man managing to exude serious joie de vivre while mopping a pizza shop floor. Not to be missed.

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