Lucinda Williams has a new album a-coming

Well, here’s a piece of good news and no mistake.  The legendary Lucinda Williams has a new album prepped for release – it’s called  ‘Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart’ and it will be out on June 30th on Highway 20 Records/Thirty Tigers.  And how do we justify that sobriquet “legendary”?  Well – there’s a sample track from the album called ‘New York Comeback‘ which you can hear by clicking the video below.  It’s a co-write by Williams with Tom Overby and Jesse Malin.  It’s a stridently defiant anthem – that has Lucinda Williams staking her place on stage and refusing to bow down to difficulties and nay-sayers.  It’s a great song, and who is that on backing vocals?  Aw, come’on – Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen.  Yeah, so when The Boss is your backup singer, then you are by any definition a legend.

On ‘Stories from a Rock N Roll Heart’ Williams teamed up with singer/songwriter and dear friend Jessie Malin, who co-wrote three tracks on the album and helped her flush out some of the melodies on guitar. Williams also looked to her long-time road manager, Travis Stephens, a veteran guitarist and songwriter, to bring her ideas to life as he co-wrote six songs on the album.  The result is a 10-song rock offering that is an inspiring testament to Williams’ fortitude and perseverance to continue to create under any circumstances. ‘Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart’ is going to bring to mind her last tour, for anyone who was lucky enough to catch it, as it kicks off with the gritty ‘Let’s Get The Band Back Together,’ launching a musical journey that includes edgy rockers such as ‘Rock N Roll Heart‘ and ‘This Is Not My Town.‘ Williams pays tribute to rock legends Tom Petty (‘Stolen Moments‘) and Replacements’ co-founder Bob Stinson (‘Hum’s Liquor‘), to whom she dedicates the album.

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