Lucy Rose is back – new album, new video, new tour dates!

Well that’s it for our first week back – we need another holiday already, only 82 days till Easter! (or something) Leaving you this weekend dear beloved reader with news that Lucy Rose has announced the release of her fourth album ‘No Words Left’ which comes out on 22nd March courtesy of our fine friends at Loose. The album was recorded in Brighton, produced by Tim Bidwell and mixed by Cenzo Townsend. We last heard from Lucy Rose with the release of 2017’s Something’s Changing, a record that heralded a new outlook for the musician who was re-evaluating what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. The record is described as “lyrically and musically fearless” and a “beautifully intense, but often unsettling listen.”

Describing the record and its process, Rose explains: “Releasing this record feels entirely different to every other record I’ve released. But to try and sum up my emotions is virtually impossible.   I don’t believe this the best album I’ve ever made because I don’t believe in making comparisons when it comes to music. But it’s different.  In every way I’ve approached writing, recording and now releasing music, it’s been different. I’ve lost all consciousness in caring and it’s been liberating. It is what it is. It’s a feeling, it’s a song, it’s a sound, it’s a part of me which I can’t decipher whether it’s good or bad, but it’s sincere. I recently learnt that the word sincere is derived from the Latin sine = without, cera = wax due to dishonest sculptors in Rome or Greece covering flaws in their work with wax to deceive the viewer. So, a sculpture “without wax” would mean honesty in its perfection.

“That really struck a chord with me as sincerity really is the key to this record. It’s my truth. Sincerity is the truth of a person, not just the good but the bad: the flaws, the realness, which can never be ‘perfect’. This album reflects the reality of my life, the toughness life throws at you, and for a period of time it did become too much for me to handle alone.” 

Here’s the album cover:

Following the album’s release Lucy will head out on a headline tour of the UK and Europe in April, the dates of which you can peruse below. Have a good one.


No Words Left pt. 1
Solo (W)
Treat Me Like A Woman
The Confines of This World
Just A Moment
Nobody Comes Round Here
What Does It Take
Save Me From Your Kindness
Pt. 2
Song After Song


9th April – London Union Chapel
10th April – Bristol St Georges
11th April – Cardiff Gate
13th April – Manchester Stoller Hall
14th April – Dublin Liberty Hall
16th April – Leeds City Varieties
17th April – Glasgow St Lukes
3rd May – Cologne Kulturkirche
4th May – Brussels AB Club
6th May – Berlin Tempodrom Kleine Arena
7th May – Hamburg Nochtspeicher
8th May – Amsterdam Zonnehuis
9th May – Paris Café De La Danse

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