Joe Blanton “Good, Bad, Right or Wrong” (Underground Treehouse, 2018)

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds these days as we find new ways to compartmentalize and format music. Rock and country seem to be endlessly hyphenated.  Sometimes we need to stop the chin scratching, step out of the woods, and crank up the amps.  Thankfully, Joe Blanton seems to do just that with his first solo effort, ‘Good, Bad, Right or Wrong.’ Continue reading “Joe Blanton “Good, Bad, Right or Wrong” (Underground Treehouse, 2018)”

Imperious sounding Portland quintet bring new album to the UK

The Delines head out on the road at the end of this month to promote latest release ‘The Imperial.’  Fans of the group will no doubt be excited at the prospect of seeing them since their last UK tour back in 2015. That lengthy hiatus is down to the horrific injuries sustained by lead singer, Amy Boone, shortly afterwards. She’s spent most of the last three years having extended treatment and rehab following a horrible car crash which caused both of her legs to be severely broken.   Continue reading “Imperious sounding Portland quintet bring new album to the UK”

Celtic Connections kicks off this week

Glasgow’s annual celebration of roots and traditional music from around the globe opens for business this Thursday and then proceeds for the next three weeks with over 300 events scheduled to take place. Always a highlight of the cultural calendar it’s the largest festival of its type in the world showcasing world music, folk, roots, jazz, blues, Gaelic and Scottish music and, of course, Americana. Continue reading “Celtic Connections kicks off this week”

AmericanaFest UK 2019 Conference Showcase preview – part two

The AMAUK conference is now into its fourth year and one of the highlights is the two nights of showcases which take place before the awards ceremony featuring the best of americana talent, both homegrown and from around the world. At five venues across Hackney, all within walking distance and for the one wristband, plus you get to go back to a nice comfy bed each night. Over the course of this week we’ll be introducing you to all the showcase acts playing, ten at a time. Here’s part two. Continue reading “AmericanaFest UK 2019 Conference Showcase preview – part two”

The Long Ryders “Two Fisted Tales” (Cherry Red Records, 2018)

This is a great time to be an admirer of the Long Ryders – not only is the band back together but with this release the excellent series of expanded original albums is complete.   The third – and so far last – Long Ryders album was originally released in 1987, the torturous tale of the process from demoing through recording and then mishandled releasing of which is told by Sid Griffin in the glossy booklet accompanying this sumptuous re-issue. You can read that in detail when you pick up this three disc box-set. Suffice to say that the final part of the story – the wholehearted getting behind the album by the record company – didn’t go exactly to any kind of plan the band might have had in mind.  Continue reading “The Long Ryders “Two Fisted Tales” (Cherry Red Records, 2018)”

The Rev “El Diablo” – Listen

The singer and songwriter for The Rev is Eric Meyers, and he’s had what could be described as a colourful life, which has also suggested that he was predestined to play the guitar.  Not that he embraced this initially – he tinkered a little and then was drawn into sports, he surfed and free-dived and travelled the world for the perfect wave.  He boxed to keep fit.  One boxing accident saw him almost lose his sight, and sent him back to the guitar whilst he recovered.  A dive almost became a drowning.  He took the hint – learnt guitar, wrote songs, formed a band and can now present this Outlaw tale of dirty deeds and dangerous situations.

Jason Ringenberg announces new album, UK dates

What do you get when you place Americana music legend Jason Ringenberg (who Mojo described as “The Godfather of Americana”) in a grove of Giant Sequoias?  You end up with his new record ‘Stand Tall’, the (very) long-awaited follow up to 2004’s ‘Empire Builders’ and his first collection of new songs, outside of his Farmer Jason project, since The Scorchers’ ‘Halcyon Times’ in 2010. Continue reading “Jason Ringenberg announces new album, UK dates”

Americana UK is looking for album reviewers

If your new year’s resolution was “become a rock journalist” or even just “become more hip” then we’ve got good news for you. We’re currently on the lookout for people with a love of americana to write for us here at Americana UK so we can cover the avalanche of albums and EPs we get sent to us every month. Even if you’ve never been published before this could be the huge career break you’re looking for (not that it pays, other than in power and prestige).  You just need to be able to write well with attention to grammar and spelling (and tpyos).  If you’re interested in writing for us head here for more information on how you can join our team.


Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra “Soul of my City” (Independent, 2019)

Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra go out of their way to make it hard to pigeonhole them to a specific genre. Their fourth studio album, ‘Soul of My City’ is a case in point. Almost vaudevillian in approach, there’s yodelling sitting neatly beside ragtime blues and country. The only nod to being categorised is on their own terms; they’ve been known to claim the term ‘Geordie swing’ to describe their eclectic mash up. So there we have it – the cat’s out of the bag. Even though they’d be at home strumming on a Mississippi steamboat, Rob and his Orchestra live in Newcastle upon Tyne. Continue reading “Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra “Soul of my City” (Independent, 2019)”