M Ross Perkins “Wrong Wrong Wrong” – you are so not right

You may think, somewhere around 1 minute 20 seconds, that M Ross Perkins marches to a different drum.  He’s certainly out of step with most of those who surround him “everything I see  is wrong” he complains, railing “everything I know’s untrue and now I know you so you’re wrong.”  It’s irrefutable logic.

The song comes from the album ‘E Pluribus M Ross’ which will be released on Colemine/Karma Chief Records  on March 24th.  It’s an album that came together against the odds, with inspiration only really hitting when Karma Chief signed Perkins up – prior to that he was getting lost in Covid panic as he explains “I was just waiting to see how bad the catastrophe was going to be.  Like everybody, I started to get pretty depressed. It was like, ‘Man, the world is ending.’ We didn’t know how the election was going to turn out; the entire system was just ripping at the seams. Musically, I just couldn’t imagine going downstairs and trying to be like, ‘Oooh, baby, baby.’ Trying to write a love song or something just seemed like the most ridiculous thing a person could do in that moment.

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