Mary Elizabeth Remington “Wooden Roads” – lady of the canyon

Photo: Lindsay Leslie

Wooden Roads‘ has Mary Elizabeth Remington painting a rural idyll of rustic cabin living and friendly generosity “making home made biscuits all day and give them all away” like some modern day Canyon lady.  Only it’s not quite like that “if I were to tell you everything’s all right then I would be lying – shoot I’m lying there I go lying again.”  There is a real rustic feel to the song though.  Mary Elizabeth Remington worked making physical art after graduating, only first singing her songs to others at a Folk Festival in 2013.  it caused her to reflect that “The thought of someone humming one of my songs while they are crafting, wandering, or going through a difficult time makes me feel closer to all of humanity.  There is a deeply magical and mysterious core to each of us, and when I sing, I connect to this part of myself.”  There’s a real feeling on ‘Wooden Roads’ that Remington has captured that though in sound – the vocal and the creaking background sounds really ties into that expressed desire for “someone humming one of my songs.”

Wooden Roads‘ comes from the debut album ‘In Embudo‘ which was recorded in a cabin edged up along the Rio Grande in Embudo, New Mexico. Mary recorded the album with her friends Adrianne Lenker and James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Mat Davidson of Twain.  The album was released last month on Loose Records.

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