Mary Gauthier “Fall Apart World” – In which everything can, paradoxically, fall together

Photo: Laura Schneider

We all know what to expect from Mary Gauthier – do we not?  Intensity, savvy anger, grit.  Well, prepare to be as surprised as Gauthier herself who has this to say about ‘Fall Apart World‘ : “I love the joy in this track, the unapologetic playful, upbeat vibe, I’ve never really done that before in a song. I didn’t know how. It took me a long time to get young! A whole new world has opened up to me. Barefoot under blue skies, honeybee’s, butterflies, yea, yea…ain’t nothing wrong with a straight up happy song!”  And that’s surely the truth – if this doesn’t get you smiling then, dear reader, you’re a curmudgeon.

This little serving of joy, which was  co-written with Ben Glover, comes from the new album ‘Dark Enough To See The Stars‘, which is out on June 3rd via Thirty Tigers.

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