Micah P. Hinson “The Sleep of the Damned” – Listen

You’ll recall that Micah P. Hinson’s upcoming album carries the title ‘When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You‘ and is credited to Micah P. Hinson and the Musicians of the Apocalypse.  The full album is due 26th of October, but this is the latest track given an early release.  Unsurprisingly there’s more than an allusion to an ongoing spiritual struggle.  Or as Hinson himself says of the song “I have no better way to say it – ‘The Sleep of The Damned’ is about a Society that is giving up and giving in to things they know little, to nothing, about- or moreover the Outcomes of Behaviours. The Song Lyrics masquerade in this concept of being stuck in the back of a car, with Bonnie holding the wheel, brandishing a pistol- we, in the back seat, are helpless, confused, willing to give in, willing to be an accomplice, but not actively responsible, yet that really is simply stating how dangerous it is to hand over the reins to things humans have never had to consider. In this Present Time, what are we giving up? And what are we gaining? Who will win? I don’t think it’ll be Humankind. We must keep control of our Minds and Souls- we must be aware of our Present Condition. We seem Lost, we seem Aloof- there is no sense of being Humble… We search for Joy, Love, Mercy, and Grace in all the wrong places. The Power is within us- not without us. As Bowie says, “We Can Be Heroes. Just For One Day.” I Believe in Humanity. I Believe in the Power of The Human Soul. We can transcend Our Condition. We can transcend Life if we so choose.”  Which I think means it is ultimately optimistic.

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