Mike Nisbet “Red Hot New York” – Listen

A new song from Oban’s Mike Nesbit – now calling London his hometown.  ‘Red Hot New York’ is taken from his new album, his third, which is called ‘I Was A Great Lake, Once‘ and is out on November 20th.  It’s not a lockdown album, these songs had been maturing for some five years.  But it was recorded during lockdown in his home studio – with just his wife Norma to add backing vocals.  Today’s song is a folkish/rockish tale of a night in New York – a night that may have gone wrong.  Well, that’s one interpretation. 

So, what does Mike Nesbit say about his song?  Well, something along these lines:When I was visiting New York City in the summer a few years ago with my wife. With a few friends we took a ferry out to Rockaway, and although it never stopped pissing down with rain, we swam in the sea, drank terrible margaritas and had a great time. BUT I couldn’t help but think this grey, overcast corner of New York had some wild stories under the surface. On the flight home I started writing a murder ballad set in the place, but as songs often do, it reshaped into a mix between disaster story and lovers torn apart. Funny that it sounds the most upbeat thing I’ve ever made.

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