Mike Stocksdale “Gone Gone Gone” – time relentlessly marches on

On today’s slice of steadily rocking Americana Mike Stocksdale reflects on the passage of time and the relentless loss of heroes, singing “We lost Charlie Watts today / Paul McCartney sure looked sad but he wouldn’t say it.”  It’s a song that questions whether there’s anything after the final breath, it doesn’t have any definitive answer.

Gone Gone Gone‘ is taken from Mike’s new album ‘Ghosts & Whispers‘ which was released on September 7th.  Speaking of the album Mike has said: “‘Ghosts & Whispers’ is all about taking a big swing: fifteen tunes, full-on productions, genre-bending and tempo changing.  It’s been a bit of a beast to finish and three years in the making. Some of these songs were written during lockdown, and some weren’t finished until the recording sessions in 2022. Songwriting is therapy for me, and these creations span the all emotions, moods, musings, and life-altering experiences I’ve had over the past three tumultuous years. I’m so very proud of what we’ve accomplished, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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