New Neil Young film “Paradox” available to stream on Netflix in UK

Yes Neil Young fans, you can not only stream the soundtrack to the “fantasy western musical” (if those three words don’t strike horror into your heart then they should) but there were newspaper adverts over the weekend promoting his new collaboration with Daryl Hannah ‘Paradox’ being shown on Netflix in these here parts now. The Guardian wasn’t exactly glowing about it, giving it 2 stars, but the write up at least sounds like it’s worth a watch: 

“Most of Paradox features collage shots of nature and the musicians traipsing through it. Young and his band exaggerate their stage personas and improvise their lines. The film’s loose, rambling story is set in the future, where men and women are separated until a full moon unites them. The men are prospectors looking for old technology, and must wander the frontier looking for things to trade with the women, who harvest food somewhere off-screen.” And hey, IT’S FREE.  Well, free if you already subscribe to Netflix. Have a gander at the trailer below.

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Andy Riggs

He’s no Josey Wales !