New Strand Of Oaks album ” Miracle Focus” due June

Photo: Greg Vrotsos

Strand of Oaks, aka Tim Showalter, has announced the release on 7th June of their/his latest album, ‘Miracle Focus’, via Western Vinyl. Since the release of its predecessor, ‘In Heaven’ (2021), which received a glowing review from AUK, Showalter’s life took a different creative turn outside of music. He took up painting in his garage at his home in Austin where he created the ‘Miracle Focus’ album art.   Showalter also spent time in Los Angeles, where he played a villainous biker on two seasons of FX’s ‘Mayans M.C.’, his acting debut. This expansion of his art fuelled a journey leading to a fresh approach to songwriting.

album art for Strand of Oaks Miracle Focus

The album marks a departure from Showalter’s previous introspective work. The songs on ‘Miracle Focus’ are described as “celebrating bliss and connection and were written following Showalter’s embrace of meditation. Influences not normally associated with Americana like Ram Dass, Alice Coltrane, Freddie Mercury and the Beastie Boys “help create a joyful soundscape with synth layers and mantra-like lyrics.”

‘Miracle Focus’ is a collaborative effort, with Kevin Ratterman (Leyla McCalla, Jim James, Heartless Bastards) returning as producer. Lacey Guthrie, who also featured on ‘Eraserland’ (2019) adds vocals and together, they achieved a creative flow in the studio.  The album title embodies the collective energy that emerges when individuals come together with purpose and passion. It’s a celebration of bliss and the simple beauty of existence.

Showalter says: “Every moment on ‘Miracle Focus’ is a piece of the architecture that fits together to form a temple of peace in my life. Acceptance of who you are, gratitude of being part of a connected universe, and ultimately, I hope it creates one hell of a dance party.”

‘Miracle Focus’ is available to pre-order here.

Showalter has released ‘More You’ as the first single/ video from this new chapter, declaiming “I need something more than me; something beyond what I can see.”

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