Niamh McKinney “Up And Ran” – old and new blend together

You’ll listen to ‘Up and Ran‘ and think of so many bands and singers – but it’s not quite the same as any of them.  There’s a steady folk feel (is that The Incredible String band?) which is fortified with an oh so modern production.  And all the while Niamh’s distinct voice floats and flurries overtop, creating a, if you will, neo-trad sound.

Niamh McKinney grew up in rural Wicklow, and lives there still.  The singer-songwriter writes all of her lyrics and melodies a capella, to which her husband and musical partner Stephen McKinney crafts intuitive, artful accompaniments which interweave seamlessly with the songs.

Up and Ran‘ is Niamh McKinney’s third single.  Which surely means there’s an album not so far away now.


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