Ole Kirkeng “Stupid Questions”…but there are no stupid questions

Photo: Joanne Sørheim

Being afraid to ask what seems to be a stupid question is in fact an error of judgement – how can one most quickly clear up a misunderstanding or expand your knowledge?   And why would anyone think less of you for asking?  Go ahead, ask those questions.

Here – we’ll get you started with some answers.  You fill in the questions – it’ll be good practice and you’ll soon have the knack.  Having the knack can go on your CV.

Ole Kirkeng is a recording artist with the respected Die With Your Boots On Records label, distributed by Jansen Records.  He has also worked with the likes of Courtney Marie Andrews, Molly Tuttle, and Pearla

Well, Ole Kirkeng has a new album called ‘Still Not Lost‘ coming in September, and he wanted to preview it with a single.

That’s right, ‘Stupid Questions‘.

Yes, he does actually – he told us that “This song reflects on overthinking. When you start driving down the wrong highway of your mind. It’s about exploring those silly conversations we all have with ourselves when doing so. You know that everything is perfectly fine, but there’s a voice, a feeling, asking these stupid questions.  For instance in this song – the character is wondering if his partner is out and about one night living like it’s Woodstock 1969, and he’s at home drinking decaffeinated coffee. When really, the partner is thinking about him just as much.”

Well…to be 100% sure we’d have to check the archive properly, but I think this might well be the first picture of an artist riding a horse.  Yeah, it is odd when you think about it, with all that alt-country and folk flying around you’d think there would be more pictures with a horse and rider.  But there you are.

Yeah, of course – just hit play.  No problem.

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