Olive Klug “Bath Bomb” – sparkling in water…

Photo: Erik Bergamini

Olive Klug currently resides in Los Angeles but was raised in Portland, Oregon.  The twenty-six-year-old describes themselves as a kid at heart, but after gathering some attention on Tik-Tok they have just released a debut album ‘Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded.‘   Speaking of the album Olive Klug has said “The central theme of my debut album, ‘Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded’ is exactly what it sounds like; a brave proclamation that in the face of a world that tries to make us conform, take away our rights, and convince us that all hope is lost, I refuse to become jaded. It’s about coming of age in the modern day; discovering ways to pursue joy, write my own rules, and learn how to take up space as someone who has been taught to make myself small. Joy is something we must assert. And as a queer artist in an increasingly hostile environment, I plan to assert my right to live my life fully, and to take up space whether someone else wants me to or not.

Bath Bomb‘ is a beautiful love song, daring in its way as it includes the lines “Up the coast / We sing along to Joni / Willing California to be home,’ which is a subtle invitation to compare and contrast, and you know what?  Even without that little invitation the listener would doubtless have made that comparison anyway – there are a lot of Joni-isms in ‘Bath Bomb.’

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