Palomino Kings “Fall Into Your Loving Arms” – Listen

The first Track of the year was actually the last release of 2020 from the Palomino Kings – sneaking out just a couple of days before Christmas.  As the Palomino Kings are both Americana and from the UK it seems like an appropriate choice to kick-off the new year with.

Fall into Your Loving Arms‘ is an upbeat future facing rocker from the Palomino Kings – as Singer Gavin Bowern told us “The verses talk of helping out, togetherness and understanding. And with the world as it has been recently being in those ‘arms’ has never felt so good. Like with all good things though, there has to be a harder, tougher side to fight through. It can be a struggle, but that dust has to be brushed off, you’ve gotta get back on those feet and ultimately it’s all worth it!”

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