“Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train” available for pre-order

Last year Australian national treasure Paul Kelly brought out a single for the antipodean holiday ‘Gravy Day’. This year he has announced a new double album for release on November 19th entitled ‘Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train‘ and, as the name suggests, will be a 22-track winter holiday-themed compilation.

The album is refreshingly inclusive, and tracks include Irish folk ballads, traditional hymns, verses from the Qur’an, and a rendition of ‘Silent Night‘ in Maori.

The festive collection comes in various “stocking filler” bundles that can include LP or CD formats, t-shirts, art cards, and even a gravy boat emblazoned with the phrase “How to make more gravy”! This merch and mirth can be found on Paul Kelly’s website.

Check out the trailer, which is also a short funny video about the album’s creation.

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