Darragh O’Dea “Tilly And The Postmaster”

Independent, 2021

On ‘Tilly And The Postmaster’ Darragh O’Dea comes up with some excellent storytelling.

If you could narrow down three characteristics that would qualify certain music as Americana, no matter where it came from, what would they be? One would certainly be that ‘x’ ingredient coming from any music genre or part of the world. The other would probably be some element of folk/roots. The third… well, we can debate that one (as much as the other two above), but it most probably would be – storytelling. Sure, all these elements were there before the phrase Americana was ever coined, but that is probably the way things stand at the moment.

Why all this? Well, because, they are all the elements Irish singer-songwriter Darragh O’Dea has on his latest album ‘Tilly And The Postmaster,’ with some excellent storytelling being at the forefront. You have that ‘x’ factor with some very modern production, subdued electronics and ringing electric guitars, like on ‘Life Has A Way.’ Of course, you can hear his Irish roots (as in roots music) throughout the album.

Yet, what is certainly at the forefront and is the main factor here is his ease with words – his storytelling. Fitting in a story about fighting over land and inheritance in the uptempo ‘Guerrilla  In You Back Garden’ (featuring Katherine Priddy) is a perfect example of O’Dea’s excellent way with language, and even more so, fitting it into a melody that works. 

If the likes of Billy Bragg and Bright Eyes come to mind, you are certainly not far away, but O’Dea shows enough of his own personality, and roots, to make ‘Tilly And The Postmaster’ work. With Ease.


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