Peter Donovan “This Better Be Good” – oh, it is

It might be that from the photo’ you’re imaging some kind of bedroom recorded angsty folk.  Oh boy, are you way off beam.  Peter Donovan’s new song is the title track of his solo album, released today, and is vibrant shiny high tempo power pop.  With smart lyrics and, yes, maybe just a touch of Josh Ritter seasoning the pot it tells of the reception of the start of the excuse.  Not that it sounds like it’s all over if it isn’t a good explanation as Donovan sings “I wouldn’t leave you if I could.”  This is called not maintaining a poker face.

The album came out of a period of pandemic induced writer’s block for Donovan – as a cure he decided to learn and play a new Beatles song every day until he was inspired again to write his own music. The album represents the cream of the songs that surfaced.

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