Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Never Gonna Change”

Something of a milestone this week folks – this is the one hundredth Pick of the Political Pops in the series (at least from this correspondent’s pen – The Editor, thanks to his largesse, has stepped in on a few occasions). Now you might ask – and would be entitled to do so – why does the UK’s (and probably the world’s) preeminent Americana based music webzine require a political slot? In truth it probably doesn’t. No one really needs the sneering, smug, self-referencing inarticulate ramblings of a burnt-out, gin perfumed musical journo who’s whole raison d’etre appears to be the humiliation of the those fine, upstanding folks who seek to represent us in public life.

Nobody needs it and nobody wants it and we know that because the People’s Republic of Liverpudlia’s ambassador to Canaan has been quoted here verbatim. Similarly Stefan Lacklustre-McCartney, owner of the small arms and rifle shop down in the village, has gone on record as saying “Yaaargh. Yaargh. Uh. Uh. Yaargh”. Which, as usual, makes a lot of sense. We could go on – Boz, the Turkish ditch digger, has been heard to say that Pick of the Political Pops should be ‘done (over)’ and Jo-Jo Swindleyou, local orthodontist, said something of importance but we’ve forgotten what it was.

However we will stop there. It’s clear that, actually, no one has space in their life for this particular Americana-UK feature and it should most likely fuck off and die. So rejoice dear reader, rejoice! That’s exactly what we intend to do. All we ask is that we should be allowed to be carbon neutral in the shortest possible time frame, that society be gender neutral in the shortest possible time frame, that inequality be eradicated in the shortest possible time frame and that everybody will be financially, emotionally and spiritually better off (in the shortest possible time frame). We’re confident that that will happen very, very soon and just as soon as it does there will be no more tenuous musical links, no more appalling puns and no more sneering smug self referencing. We’ll be bringing you that news via our free broadband.

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