Video: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “At the Back of the Pit”

We leave you this week dear reader on this blackest of Fridays with a treat worth much more than that 63 inch TV you don’t need, but you know – there’s a Carry On joke in there somewhere. Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy has a new album out and it’s as sublime as everything his majesty touches – ‘I Made a Place’ is the first album of new material under his Bonnie “Prince” Billy moniker for Drag City since 2011. It’s more, er, jaunty than you might expect from him too. Have a listen to the first track to be released from it below. Oh, and have a good one.

Bruce Springsteen “Western Stars – Songs From The Film” (Columbia Records, 2019)

Bruce Springsteen’s 19th studio album, ‘Western Stars’, which came out this summer, has found its way on to many critics’ ‘best of the year’ lists, and quite rightly so – it’s one of his finest records. Influenced by the Southern California pop music of the late ’60s and ’70s – namely Glen Campbell and Burt Bacharach – the songs are lush and cinematic epics, with sweeping strings and Easy Listening horns, and are inhabited by a cast of lost and lonely characters, such as a faded cowboy movie star and a veteran stuntman.

Continue reading “Bruce Springsteen “Western Stars – Songs From The Film” (Columbia Records, 2019)”

John Salaway “Americana Dreams” (Def Kat Music, 2019)

Nashville-based John Salaway has some pedigree, as a weekly residence at BB King’s Blues Club might testify. With influences that include a familiar roll call of names – Petty, Dylan, The Band and Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Salaway has aimed this unambiguously titled album squarely at the Americana market. Continue reading “John Salaway “Americana Dreams” (Def Kat Music, 2019)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Never Gonna Change”

Something of a milestone this week folks – this is the one hundredth Pick of the Political Pops in the series (at least from this correspondent’s pen – The Editor, thanks to his largesse, has stepped in on a few occasions). Now you might ask – and would be entitled to do so – why does the UK’s (and probably the world’s) preeminent Americana based music webzine require a political slot? In truth it probably doesn’t. No one really needs the sneering, smug, self-referencing inarticulate ramblings of a burnt-out, gin perfumed musical journo who’s whole raison d’etre appears to be the humiliation of the those fine, upstanding folks who seek to represent us in public life. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Never Gonna Change””

Red Rooster announce 2020 festival line-up

The always excellent Red Rooster festival has announced the first line-up for 2020, a 3-day event which takes place in the parkland and woods of Euston Hall, Suffolk from May 28th –30th. Described as “a good-time weekend of Rhythm and Blues in the heart of Suffolk County” there’s always plenty of americana thrown in there for good measure. Continue reading “Red Rooster announce 2020 festival line-up”

Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen

The sound of the modern world is guitar and banjo, and that’s a sound that Denver’s Whiteacre have plenty of, alongside the percussive driving force of a drum kit.  In Whiteacre’s case that guitar is as likely to be electric and ripping across the more acoustic elements as harmony vocals keep the whole arrangement grounded.  Continue reading “Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen”

Jeff Tweedy’s house gets shot at

The Guardian are reporting today that numerous gunshots have been fired at the Chicago home of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, with his wife, Susan Miller Tweedy, reporting hearing “seven to 10 shots fired at what sounded like right at our house … A bullet went through the storm door to our balcony and lodged in the wooden door.” She went on to say that Tweedy found seven bullet casings outside their home. Continue reading “Jeff Tweedy’s house gets shot at”

Watch Che Apalache’s documentary on their US/Mexico Borderlands trip

In early October, Argentinian-American string band Che Apalache toured the US/Mexico borderlands of Arizona, performing in both Sahuarita, AZ and Nogales, Mexico. The trip was a harrowing look at the effect the border wall and the border’s effect on the lives of those that live around it. Guided by the Rev. Randy J. Mayer (Pastor of the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ), Che Apalache were able to tour the border wall and the facilities that go along with it, and hiked to water drops in the desert. They performed for migrants and locals in Mexico, and sang their a cappella song ‘The Wall’ in front of the actual wall. Continue reading “Watch Che Apalache’s documentary on their US/Mexico Borderlands trip”

Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)

Nine years on from the release of her last album ‘Black Out Nights’, Rosy Nolan is back with her EP, ‘Footprints & Broken Branches’. An Americana and country singer hailing from Northern California, Nolan explores, in her own words, ‘a softer, folksy sound in her latest album’, compared to her Northern California counterparts such as Merle Haggard’s infamous Bakersfield sound. Continue reading “Rosy Nolan “Footprints and Broken Branches” (Independent, 2019)”