Pick of the Political Pops: Jim White “Static On The Radio”

There’s a reason why we designed The Bunker here at Americana UK Towers as we did. Principally it is a little oasis of calm in the maelstrom that is the modern world – with its sturdy five lever locked solid oak door we can shut the rest of the world out whilst we indulge our passions of music, hard liquor and the ability to bask in our own arrogance. Increasingly it’s becoming a necessary place for our mental well-being. To all intents and purposes the world has gone fucking mad. You’ve got the most powerful man in the world (in his head at least) telling lies with impunity whilst lecturing the rest of us that anybody he disagrees with is peddling fake news. You’ve got an ostensibly decent man being labeled a racist when his lifelong passion has been the exact opposite simply because they disagree with his message of hope. You’ve got a group of rabid ultra-capitalists lecturing us on the benefits of throwing away the best trading agreement we ever had simply because they stand to gain personally from it. It’s come to the point when you simply can’t trust anything anybody says about anything– and the white noise of complaint, blaming, finger-pointing and nay-saying has become deafening. It is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Trying to see through all this is analogous to trying to hear a favourite tune when all you’re getting is static. Hence this tune with its lovely refrain “Everything I think I know is just static on the radio…”

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