Pick of the Political Pops: The Kinks “Here Come The People In Grey”

Few people realise that Americana-UK Towers is in fact a local authority owned country pile for which we pay a weekly rent to The People’s Republic of Liverpudlia. This is a fair and equitable situation since, when we are done with it, the property will pass to someone else who can make equally good use of it. We are guaranteed a roof over our heads and the local authority have an asset which will be used for years to come to benefit those needing a simple place to live. Perfect. We were a little surprised, greatly amused and whole-heartedly pissed off this week then when PM Terry Might got on her less-than-high horse to pontificate about the benefits of social housing. Here’s a quote that we lifted straight from the BBC News website:

Mrs May told a National Housing Federation summit in London: “Some residents feel marginalised and overlooked, and are ashamed to share the fact that their home belongs to a housing association or local authority. On the outside, many people in society – including too many politicians – continue to look down on social housing and, by extension, the people who call it their home.”

Now then – just bear in mind that this politician is a daughter of the Thatcher regime who flogged off the housing stock, demonised those who were tenants rather than owners and whose party voted down legislation to make rented housing ‘fit for human habitation’. The hypocrisy is, frankly, breath-taking.

We find ourselves in need of a stiff drink and a banging tune. Here we go:


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