Pick of the Political Pops: Willie Nelson “On The Road Again”

We were momentarily distracted (we couldn’t work out whether the landfill bin collector and her adopted transgendered cat could be classed as being within our bubble for lockdown purposes since the advice was somewhat lacking) so missed much of the coverage of some brouhaha happening over the water in the new world. We are entirely uncertain as to events but have had some indication that it was a ‘big deal’. We checked out CNN but weren’t entirely convinced that the people hosting were caffeine/amphetamine/match-stick-eyelid free so ignored it until there were no signs of a zombie apocalypse banging at our door. That being the case we went back to CNN after a suitable period of isolation and those people were doing the exact same thing. They had the same clothes on. One has to wonder whether personal hygiene matters in a future dystopian world where the “Magic Wall” seems to be a sort of oracle for future events.

But far be it from a rag-tag collection of music journos to question the future of the world and its inhabitants. That is not our purpose. Our purpose is to blow smoke up the hoop of twangy guitarists and noodling fiddle players. No – it’s OK – we’ve got this covered. That said we were moved, ever so slightly, to adjudge the results and here’s what we found:

More people voted for a right-wing racist xenophobic populist demagogue narcissist than ever before.

More people found it ok to be on the side of someone who thought that a proven liar, philanderer and sociopath was of approval than ever before.

More people found it ok to believe in a bullshit stream of shit via a social media platform than ever before.

Seventy million people thought that.

Silly colonialists, right? That couldn’t happen here, right? What here in the People’s Republic of Liverpudlia (Utopia Editon)? Nah…

Anyhow we had a large drink and came to terms with it. We’ve all been there we thought. It didn’t quite work out the same way for us on this island but even so, winners or losers, we need to purge the progressives from our ranks. Those fuckers are never going to get us anywhere elected or unelected. Seventy four million people are not wrong. It happened over the water. Therefore it can happen here.

It did, of course, happen here. Results went the wrong way but the ‘progressives’ got the blame anyway. Over there they won but ‘progressives’ won’t get any thanks. Call yourself a progressive? Get on the road:

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Well stated,Paul. Now if only we could convince Willie,at any age,to run for the highest office in the land (no pun intended), he would amass the most votes in history. I can dream, can’t I?