Ray Wylie Hubbard “Hellbent For Leather” – Adios Hollywood sign

And what do you do when you’ve made a well received album with a bunch of friends?  Well, as Ray Wylie Hubbard quickly realised you could do that again.  And so the new album ‘Co-Starring Too’ came to be.  it was kind of a natural thing as Hubbard explains “As a man of many friends there were so very many people I just couldn’t get on the one project.  So many people I wanted to do things with, but I just couldn’t. It stuck with me, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “Why not make ‘Co-Starring Too’?” Beyond the pun, it’s something I thought we could do, and do with the same kind of quality.

The album is out on March 18th and it certainly has a stellar line up – including Steve Earle on today’s song and elsewhere appearances by (amongst many others) Don Was, Larkin Poe, Aaron Lee Tasjan and….Ringo Starr.

Hellbent for Leather‘ follows in a lengthy tradition of songs that tell LA were it can stick itself, whilst heading for pastures if not new then at least slightly saner.   It’s a great song which see’s Hubbard and Earle competing in the gruff vocal stakes, it comes out around about a tie.  Close enough.

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