Rhona Macfarlane “No Rain” – why are feelings so difficult?

Staring in folk and going on to visit chamber-folk and folk-rock, Rhona Macfarlane’s new single ‘No Rain‘ is a beautifully constructed song pondering the difficulties of expressing emotions and sharing deeper feelings.   Whilst the internal voice wants to make declarations, it’s a struggle to say it out loud.  As Rhona elaborated: “The idea for the song came from a passing remark made to me by someone who had just lost their life partner, she said…‘well at least there’s no rain outside.’ It struck me that this was equally sad, stoic and hopeful and reminded me that even in times of loneliness and sadness, there is always something to be grateful for, even if it’s as simple as a sunny day.

No Rain‘ is taken from Macfarlane’s new EP ‘Closing the Window‘, which is out on November 12th.  A couple of opportunities to see Rhona Macfarlane live are at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on the 9th of October as part of the Liverpool International Song for Kindness Contest, and supporting Chloe Foy at the Hug and Pint, Glasgow on the 6th of October.

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