Rodeo.FM “Upgrade of Truth”

Rodeo FM, 2020

Quality songs with a quality sound.

Since forming in 2004, Berlin-based writer Pat Carter and the band of brothers known as Rodeo.FM has played extensively, everywhere from funerals to festivals. ‘Upgrade of Truth‘, their third self-published album testifies how well that work ethic must have honed their craft.  The album is socially and politically motivated but fear not; it is not propaganda or indoctrination. The songs raise awareness of a range of social injustices with wit and charm.

The opening song ‘The Devil and the Riot‘ explores the rights & wrongs of being driven to extremes with a rootsy, groovy vibe that will indeed have you on your feet and, since the dance floors are off-limits just now, the kitchen will do just fine. However, given the subject matter, the desire to dance could present you with a moral dichotomy. The title track follows with an even pacier tempo illustrating how, whilst we are all shaped by society, things are not always what they seem “we know that it’s happening, we think it’s not fair, but everyone’s complicit, so what do we care

A well-earned rest follows with the slower, dreamier appeal of ‘Summer Rain‘. This is a great song, beautifully orchestrated. Intriguing and profound concepts such as “funny thing this skin you’re in“, “this heart of mine is broken, mended, scarred and lined” and “you wonder if it’s worth the risk to be betrayed, touched by failure, broken and dismissed” are all brought together with epic style.

Too Many Psychos‘ picks up the pace again with a curious view of the new regime we find ourselves in these days. A reflective mood and honky-tonk rhythm adorn further reflection in ‘M29‘ whilst ‘Write you a Letter‘ takes on a contemporary rootsy quality looking back on a previous relationship and showcasing some awesome guitar.

The traditional use of instrumentation throughout is refreshing, excellently arranged and exquisitely played. Each song has its unique appeal including the melancholy closing song, ‘Same old Door‘ with its relatively superficial yet deep-meaning lyrics. Still, the album is strikingly coherent and eminently listenable.


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